A general fiscal representative acts on behalf of a foreign company with respect to all its transactions of goods for which Slovene VAT is due (intra-Community acquisitions, imports, local acquisitions, intra-Community supplies, local supplies and exports from EU). In practice the foreign company will receive its own Slovene VAT number and gain all benefits and obligations as Slovene taxpayer. Next to the administrative benefits, appointing a general fiscal representative also creates the possibility to apply for postponed VAT accounting at import.

With GFR you can:

  • apply for postponed VAT accounting at import
  • customs clear(import) material for all your supplies with one import declaration¬†
  • sell in Slovenia
  • re-export once cleared goods (only for EU based companies/exporters)
  • customs clear goods and have it on stock for longer time
  • use VAT warehouse
As your GFR we can:

  • Register your business with the local tax office
  • Check to ensure you are fully compliant with all the relevant regulations
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns and EU sales list
  • Process your VAT payments
  • Ensure that the right VAT rate is applied
  • Check the validity of your customers’ VAT numbers
  • Maintain accounting records to national standards
  • Create and maintain audit trails for acquisitions/imports, storage and supplies/exports
  • Keep your records readily available for tax inspections

To learn more about GFR or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.