A fiscal representative is a VAT-registered company that acts as your company's local representative and can in your company's name fulfil obligations and claim rights in connection with VAT (prepares and submits VAT returns, pays VAT, files claims for refund  etc.).

As your fiscal representative, Dacer can:
- Register your business with the local tax office
- Ensure your company is fully compliant with national VAT laws
- Manage your national VAT filing obligations and tax audits
- Handle your VAT returns and refund claims
- Produce the statistics in your cross-border trade (Intrastat)
- Help ensure your VAT payments are paid on time 
- Handle all you VAT queries and communicate with the tax authorities in you behalf

Limited fiscal representation

A limited fiscal representative can only act on behalf of an EU-resident company for the import of goods and subsequent supplies of these goods in foreign EU countries – so…

General fiscal representation

A general fiscal representative acts on behalf of a foreign company with respect to all its transactions of goods for which Slovene VAT is due (intra-Community acquisitions, imports, local acquisitions,…

Other services and Consultancy

We offer an attractive Cost-Saving solution for EU based companies that wish to have Slovene VAT number but don’t want to have local fiscal representative. Without nominating DACER as your…